The security of your data is of paramount importance to us. We use Stripe as an external provider for the secure management of your credit card payments. Stripe is considered one of the most reliable and authoritative managers of financial transactions with credit cards, having passed the audits required by the relevant PCI security institutions with the PCI Service Provider Level 1 certification, the strictest among the levels of certification issued.

We do not store or store your credit card data on our servers, as they are managed directly and exclusively by Stripe through a process called “tokenization” and stored in their secure servers. Credit card data is encrypted by Stripe on a hard disk in AES-256, while the related decryption keys are stored in separate and distinct units. No server or daemon within Stripe can extract clear data from the stored credit cards. Stripe’s primary infrastructure for storing, decrypting and transmitting credit card data operates on separate equipment and does not share its credentials with the various communication interfaces (API procedures, websites, etc.).

Each transaction is then managed through encrypted security protocols in SSL and HSTS formats by the Stripe software procedures included in our applications and by Stripe itself.


If you already have a PayPal account and decide to buy with this method, after sending the order you will be addressed to the PayPal page (safe and protect transaction SSL) where it is enough to log in with your access credentials chosen during the PayPal registration phase.

If the payment is successful, PayPal will immediately charge the amount of your purchase on your account and at the same time it will send us the confirmation of your order.

During your purchase process we cannot know the information on your credit card or other details included in your PayPal wallet. In some cases, our Customer Service could contact you to ask additional information due to define the effective credit card ownership. In that case, the delivery time becomes effective by the conclusion of the check.

In any case of ending of the contract and subsequent cancellation of the order, the amount of the purchase committed will be credited on your PayPal account. The method of credit on the payment instrument linked to the Paypal account depends exclusively on PayPal.